Lamezia, clash over law and numbers between the former auditor and the councillor


By John

The controversy is based on laws, articles and reports. The former president of the board of auditors Rocco Nicita I disagree with what the Budget Councilor stated Sandro Zaffina who, from the columns of the Gazzetta del Sud, explained point by point the reasons of the Mascaro Administration and the work that led to the approval of the economic account by the Council which will arrive in the City Council tomorrow. In this fight in the last issue, even the former president of the Auditors explains his reasons point by point, “taunted” by the statements of councilor Zaffina.
First issue: unrecovered deficit in the 2022 financial year of over 9 million euros and its connection with the cash advance present in the deficit as of 31 December 2020. “There is no relationship, neither direct nor indirect, between the cash advance and the unrecovered deficit in the 2022 financial year – states Nicita – therefore no negative impact can be recorded either on the accounting or financial plan, as the coverage of the cash advance has never been allocated in the 2021-2023-year 2021- and 2022-2024-year 2022 budgets . On the contrary, the organization also benefited from it.” This is why the former auditor invites the councilor “to carefully browse the management report for the 2020 financial statements (written by the Municipality’s budget manager) and precisely the paragraph dedicated to the composition of the deficit letter. E) on 31 December 2020. Let me try to prove the opposite”. Second question: investigation opened by the Court of Auditors on the 2018 and 2019 accounts. “The invitation to the “expert” councilor – states Nicita – also concerns the report no. 4 of 31 May 2021 of the Board of Auditors chaired by the undersigned, with respect to which the Court of Auditors has yet to express its opinion”.