New hospital in Vibo, Barbuto: work started 4 months after the delivery of the construction site


By John

«On the website of the company contracting the works for the construction of the new hospital in Vibo Valentia this wording appears: “We are pleased to officially announce the start of the works for the new construction of the hospital in Vibo Valentia!”. Date 15 September 2023. Therefore the start of the works took place four months after the delivery of the construction site”. This was stated in a note by Sergio Barbuto (Liberamente Progressisti con Lo Schiavo).

«Without arguing regardless, since it is the most important work present in the Vibo area, both in terms of amount of work and in terms of structural-architectural and plant engineering grandeur, the questions already posed by both the Liberamente Progressisti group and the regional councilor Antonio Lo Schiavo, through a question addressed to the President of the Region (who has probably already produced the result of breaking the stalemate), remain – according to Barbuto – more topical than ever. Will it be possible to respect the deadlines dictated by the work schedule? Can we really begin to imagine that the city of Vibo will be equipped with a cutting-edge hospital? Can we hypothesize that the thousands of people forced to migrate to other facilities, especially in northern Italy, can think of being treated in their own land?”.

«We – concluded Barbuto – through the presence of councilor Lo Schiavo in the Regional Council, we will ensure that this longed-for dream of having a hospital equipped with all the appropriate technical characteristics can be not just a vision but an important reality, which would also change aspects linked to socio-economic situations. The city of Vibo Valentia deserves to have a health system that works and above all that allows citizens to enjoy the minimum health and safety conditions, which today cannot be guaranteed by the Jazzolino, which has also been emptied of important departments. The presence of a hospital of this technological scope would allow us to restore centrality to the Vibo area, marginalized and subordinated by neighboring realities”.