Lamezia, Doris Lo Moro returns to the pitch? The Democratic Party is betting on the former mayor


By John

«Doris Lo Moro once again at the service of our community and we all thank her publicly.” They are the words of Gennarino Masi, city ​​secretary of the Democratic Party, who during a conference at the Chiostro Caffè Letterario welcomed the former parliamentarian’s willingness to re-engage in the local political arena very favorably.
The message sent was very clear: «Doris is back, she is ready to take the field and we are ready to support her!». A clear stance taken by the city’s Democratic Party which, in an attempt to take over the Town Hall in via Perugini, through its secretary, launched yet another appeal to the entire Lamezia community «to revive the fortunes of Lamezia which socially, politically and economically are not had never sunk so low.” The Democratic Party promoted the meeting on the theme “Female Leadership. Really exists?” which is the title of the book Chiara Galgani and Valeria Santoro. An initiative that has seen the presence of many women who have established themselves in various fields of our society, managing to achieve coveted goals and holding top roles. Among the guests also Doris Lo Moro, magistrate and former parliamentarian, who recalled that she was the first female mayor of Lamezia. An experience that the former first citizen defined as “lucky”; no explicit anticipation, however, on his possible next candidacy for the municipal elections in the spring of 2025 or for the next regional elections. But it now seems clear to everyone that Doris Lo Moro is at the forefront of building a new season for the local community.