Conflict in the Middle East, Hamas fired 8,000 rockets and mortars from Gaza. A refugee camp bombed: 50 victims


By John

Since the beginning of the conflict, Hamas has fired 8,000 rockets and mortars from Gaza into Israel. This was reported by the Meir Amit Center for Intelligence and Terrorism Information, adding that “10% of the launches were defective”. The success rates of the Iron Dome defense systems date back to the first days of the war, after which the Israeli forces preferred “not to provide useful information to the enemy”. Between 7 and 12 October, according to the Amit centre, 5,750 rockets were launched: Iron Dome intercepted 590 of them, and 100 hit targets. The others fell in uninhabited areas.

A refugee camp bombed

The death toll from an Israeli bombing on the Jabalia refugee camp in the north of the Gaza Strip is at least 50. This was reported by the director of the Indonesian hospital quoted by al Jazeera.