Lamezia, high tension on the structural plan: the Democratic Party “teases” councilor Gargano


By John

High tension for the municipal structural plan. Approved by the Mascaro Council in recent days, the urban planning instrument will now have to go to the City Council for final adoption. A very long process, which many have tried to oppose over the years, but which is now one step away from the finish line. Which naturally doesn’t please those who have always tried to block it, like the Democratic Party and the M5S.
In particular, the city secretary of the Democratic Party takes care of teasing the Mascaro council, Gennarino Masiwhich brings into play the Councilor for Culture Giorgia Gargano, calling it a “technical crutch” of Mayor Mascaro, which “would have failed” the mayor’s support. And this is precisely on the occasion of the vote in the Council on the Structural Plan.