Lamezia Terme, great performance by Alessandro Benvenuti in “Falstaff a Windsor”


By John

It is always difficult to reread Shakespeare without moving away from the original idea given by the author in his writings. An even more tortuous undertaking if the idea is to create a show about a character like Falstaff, who appears in several of the English writer’s texts. With its theatrical narration of “Falstaff at Windsor”which took place last night at Grandinetti Municipal Theater of Lamezia Termedirector Ugo Chiti he was able to give an incredibly attractive image of what, at the same time, can be considered a hero and an anti-hero. Credit for all this must be given to a Alessandro Welcome in a state of grace who, with his lively and intelligent interpretation, demonstrates his ability to empathize with difficult roles with great mastery. The event, organized by LOVE Calabriadirected by Francescantonio Polliceis supported by the Department of Culture of the Calabria Region.

Perfect fusion between Shakespearean dramas “Henry IV”, “Henry V” and comedy “The Merry Wives of Windsor”, Chiti’s work remains faithful to the latter’s story, keeping the farcical aspect of the entire story intact and showing how pathetic the figure of Falstaff is. A directorial vision with attention to the smallest details, with the various characters moving within an essential scenography, but with great scenic effect.

Falstaff sends two identical love letters in an attempt to seduce Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Page, both of whom are married. A naive ploy that is discovered by the two women, who decide to make fun of him. Falstaff’s events move in a plot in which the suspicions of the husbands and the mockery of the ladies make him an inevitable victim. A plot made up of intersecting stories, which mix without any confusion and leave room for a skilful narration of the facts, in which Falstaff in the end, in addition to being made fun of, is beaten and banished from the kingdom by King Henry V.

Masterful and elegant interpretation of Alessandro Welcome, who knew how to step into the shoes of a complex character without ever exceeding in portraying him in a captivating and light-hearted way. The Tuscan actor managed to make Falstaff likeable also for his human defects and for his way of not giving up on the passing of time. Benvenuti confirms himself as a consummate actor who gives value to our theater for his ability to be brilliant comedians and, at the same time, to be able to make people reflect.

Master of the stage, Benvenuti also displayed an uncommon dialectical expressiveness, which knows no moments of pause. An important characteristic for a fast-paced comedy, in which its fine humor which has won over the public is appreciable. Alessandro Welcome he is also a master in the art of making people laugh with his facial expressions. Each expression becomes an evident trait of Falstaff, of his emotions and his reactions to various events.

If the presence of Alessandro Welcome it is fundamental for the success of the representation desired by Ugo Chitithe same can be said of the cast of actors who, in addition to supporting him, shed light on their respective roles, enhancing the character with flair. Giuliana Colzi, Andrea Costagli, Dimitri Frosali, Massimo Salvianti, Lucia Socci, Paolo Cioni, Paolo Ciotti and Elisa Proietti, they bring their characters to life with a light-hearted and witty attitude, putting themselves at the service of a story told in a fluid and light-hearted way. A way to involve the audience who, at the end, let out long applause; fair recognition for those who made a very valuable show accessible and entertaining.

Saturday 3 February“Falstaff at Windsor” will replicate to the Catanzaro Municipal Theater, at 9pm.