Lamezia, the Council approves the budget


By John

Seven endless hours. That's how long the City Council meeting lasted yesterday when it was called to discuss the budget. Hours of discussions, counterarguments and cross-examinations between the various sides, but which in the end led to theapproval of the income statementpresented in the Chamber by the councillor Sandro Zaffina. Thirteen votes in favor and eight against, including those of the League and Fratelli d'Italia. The Council also confirmed the 2023 Imu, Tari and Irpef rates for the 2024 year. However, the modification of the Tari regulation was postponed, while the draft agreement between the Municipalities of Gizzeria and Lamezia Terme for the drafting of the executive project was approved of the walkway that will flank the bridge over the Piscirò stream.
The branch councilor Sandro Zaffina illustrates the income statement and related attachments in general terms. In particular, the member of the Council focused on the Single Planning Document, which is the “prerequisite for any financial planning”. The Dup is in fact «the strategic section, it represents the mayor's mandate lines, with the objectives to be achieved». It is therefore the operational and strategic part, which includes the planning of the territory, with the municipal structural plan, API plan, beach plan, Pip area, urban regeneration. All objectives that are set and many of which are already in the execution phase. A concept also reiterated by the Urban Planning councilor Francesco Stella who in particular intervened on the disposal plan. Stella explained how in the list an attempt was made to do an overall survey of all municipal properties, in order to identify them and understand how to enhance them.