He is a “spy of China”: a collaborator of a parliamentarian from ADF, a far-right German party, has been arrested


By John

An aide to the German far-right AfD party's top candidate in the European elections has been arrested on charges of espionage for China. The arrest in Dresden of a “German citizen” referred to as “Jian G.” and defined as “collaborator of a Chinese secret service” is announced in a statement from the German Federal Prosecutor's Office. The first public channel 'Ard' and the magazine 'Die Zeit' specify that he is an employee of AfD MEP Maximilian Krah, writes the Dpa agency.

Afd, worries a spy with our leaders in the European elections

The AfD has defined as “very worrying” the information regarding the arrest of a collaborator of its leader in the European elections, Maximilian Krah, for espionage in favor of China. “The news regarding the arrest of one of Mr. Krah's collaborators on suspicion of espionage is very worrying,” the party's headquarters said, as reported by the Dpa agency. “As we currently have no further information on the case, we must await the developments of the Federal Attorney General's investigation,” it adds. The Prosecutor's Office, in its statement, reported that the arrested man's “apartments” were searched. Three Germans, alleged spies for China in Germany, had already been arrested yesterday in Düsseldorf and Bad Homburg: two men and a woman were supposed to collect information on military technology in Germany to transmit it to the Chinese secret service. At the time of the arrests, the defendants were in negotiations over research projects that could be particularly useful for expanding China's naval power.

Beijing, today's arrest in Germany is an anti-China plan

The arrest of an associate of a far-right German politician on charges of espionage is part of an operation aimed at “defaming and repressing” China. “We are aware of the reports and the related campaign,” commented the spokesperson of the Beijing Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin, according to which «the intention of this type of activity is very obvious and clear and is to defame and repress China and to destroy the atmosphere of cooperation between China and Europe». it is that of a collaborator of the leaders in the European elections and MEP of the AfD, Maximilian Krah, according to the German media.