Lamezia, the geography of the groups within the municipal Assizes changes


By John

The geography of groups within the City Council continues to change. A constantly evolving scenario that will see, even in the short term, some other group or team movements by some municipal councilors. New political structures which are probably dictated by pre-electoral movements and which concern above all the fringe of the “civics” elected with the lists of the mayor Paolo Mascaro who now, less than two years after the end of the council, are looking for a position within the parties. And this not only in view of the future municipal elections of 2025, but also and above all in view of the closest competitions in time, such as the Provincial and European elections next June. The last one was that of the councillor Annalisa Spinelli who announced the establishment of the new council group “We Moderates”, established together with Giovanni Saladini. They remain in the mixed group, at the moment alone Alexander Saul, which could also find a place in some other group (such as “Noi Moderati”) e Dario Arcieri of Action, who recently joined the city council, after the resignation handed down by Aquila Villellaincompatible with his university activity.