Lamezia, was dealing from his car in a car park in Via Dei Sensi: a 31-year-old arrested


By John

The Carabinieri of the Radiomobile Section of the Lamezia Terme Company arrested MF, a 31-year-old from Lamezia known to the police, as he was caught in possession of 27.5 grams of cocaine divided into 26 doses, 82 grams of marijuana, a scale, material for packaging of the narcotic, as well as the sum of approximately 1400 euros in cash believed to be proceeds from previous drug dealing activities.

The carabinieri, passing along via Dei Sensi, became suspicious of some movements of people and cars near the unlit areas in the car parks in the area, intercepted the man in a car who, once subjected to a personal search , was found in possession of the narcotic substance divided into doses and conveniently hidden inside the car. Since the conditions for compulsory arrest in flagrante delicto existed, the subject was taken to his home. The arrest was validated by the investigating judge of Lamezia Terme, who ordered the man to be subjected to the precautionary measure of the obligation to report to the judicial police.