Large infrastructures between Sicily and Calabria: Webuild announces 10 thousand new hires over the next three years


By John

Ten thousand new hires in the next three years, 88 percent of which in the South, especially between Sicily and Calabria. “Large infrastructure creates jobs and here’s the proof.” This was declared by the CEO of Webuild Pietro Salinion the day of the inauguration of the new ashlar factory, the most innovative, technological and robotized in Italy, built in Piano Tavola of Belpasso, on the slopes of Etna.

“After having hired 15,000 people in 2022, the Webuild Group – explains Salini – plans to hire 10,000 people between 2024 and 2026 to “build the Italy of tomorrow” in the 31 construction sites underway in Italy, of which 19 in the South. From the new Jonica Calabrian state road to the Messina-Catania and Palermo-Catania high-capacity railway, from the Terzo Valico dei Giovi in ​​Genoa to the Naples-Bari high-speed train, the large construction sites that will change the country’s mobility require a new workforce”. And in the background there is the stable connection across the Strait.

With the memorandum of understanding signed by President Schifani, Webuild launches the “Italy Work Site” from Sicily, the new training and work program dedicated to young and unemployed people in Italy. The program offers all participants paid specialist training, which will be followed by contract employment, accommodation and food, and a skills certification system. “An innovative project – explains Salini – which looks at people as essential resources to modernize the country and make the planned investments, training the new generation of the future on technical issues but also on transversal issues such as safety”. There are 2,800 people who, through the “Cantiere Lavoro Italia” project, will be included in training courses through the three schools created by Webuild: the local school, the trades school and the professions school. Of the resources who will benefit from the program, 2,500 will become specialized workers while 300 will attend the “professional school” and will be included in the construction site staff. For the former, the project provides technical-specialist and safety training, to be carried out also through the use of simulators.

For the latter, specialist training is provided, which is accompanied by management courses, including managerial ones. , adds the CEO of Webuild. . This is why all participants will be involved in different moments of training which will take place in dedicated places. A first phase, theoretical, in the classroom; a second phase in the training centres, structures created specifically for training and equipped with the most cutting-edge machinery and technologies; a third phase on the job, i.e. directly on the construction site, where we test ourselves on the work of tomorrow. The courses aim to train specialized workers, technicians with skills in the use of machinery and innovative technologies used on construction sites. Among the specialized workers, the training of excavators, electricians and plant engineers is envisaged, while among the staff figures the courses will train purchasing specialists, work accountants, Tbm engineers, the mechanical moles involved in tunnel excavation work. The factory inaugurated this morning in Belpasso, the “Robofactory” presents itself as one of the most advanced automated systems in the world, the model of which was conceived and designed by Webuild and built in consortium with the Pizzarotti company. A second one is planned, again in consortium with Pizzarotti and Ghella, for a total investment of 70 million euros and an estimated employment of around 200 people. Through the factory, Webuild will supply most of the railway construction sites in Sicily, with the production of prefabricated concrete segments (i.e. the structures with which the walls of the newly excavated tunnels are clad). The automated system created uses highly efficient robotic technology, in which innovation, efficiency and circular economy solutions are synergistically integrated to reduce the impact on the environment.

Schifani: “Many Sicilian men and women will be able to acquire the latest generation technical and specialist skills and then find work”

«The collaboration with the entrepreneurial group, which has important orders to provide Sicily with more modern infrastructures, today takes on an innovative character – underlined the President of the Region Renato Schifani – We evaluate the company’s project positively and together we aim to make it grow, in the area, qualified employment, aimed at carrying out the works that will change the face of this region. Many Sicilian men and women will be able to acquire the latest generation technical and specialist skills and then find work on the construction sites managed by Webuild. Training carried out in synergy with the productive world, with attention to the real needs of businesses, is a priority of the regional government and the agreement signed this morning definitely goes in this direction: public works must also generate know-how on site and high level professionalism that always remains usable on the job market.”

The words of the president of RFI

Dario Lo Bosco (RFI president) spoke on the topic: “We are proud of the developments that our works also create in terms of professional growth of people in the territories. The collaboration with the General Contractor Webuild generates a new industry and a school that will train young talents in Sicily and throughout the country. Post-diploma training in technical subjects for the employment of graduates will allow the creation of a specialized workforce on construction sites. A path closely connected in this case to the construction of the new Palermo-Catania – Messina line , a work in progress by RFI for a total investment of over 12 billion euros”