Messina, the “Sicilian language week” begins. Many initiatives planned


By John

This morning the eleven events organized by Davide Liotta’s Arb for the Sicilian Language Week began. Eleven events in which our language and the relationship we have with it at an institutional, scholastic and artistic level will be the protagonist. And this in view of Sicilian Language Day which will be celebrated with a conference in Brussels on 7 December in the European Parliament.
The event will open this afternoon at 6pm at Feltrinelli Point with the presentation of Biagio Guerrera’s book Casa munnuthe publisher Katia Pastura spoke with the author. On the 28th at 10am in the Sinopoli Hall of the V. Emanuele Theatre The meeting “The Sicilian, the soul of a people” will be held organized by the La Farina Classical High School, in which two workshops will be held, a musical one by the director Caterina Celesti and a theatrical one by Giuseppe Crescenti. Orazio Miloro, Giacomo Farina, Filippo Cavallaro, Lucrezia Piraino, Dario Tomasello and Lorenzo Sciajno will also speak.
On the 29th in Salina the children of the eighth grade of Malfa-Salina of the Aeolian Islands Comprehensive Institute will stage, curated by the teachers. Mirella Fanti and Teresa Oliviero, three satirical skits “Public works in Salina”.
Also on the 29th at 6pm in the Mondadori Bookstore, taking inspiration from the book Si cunta e s’arricunta by Lino Soraci, we will talk about the importance of the Sicilian language in current editorial production. The meeting is curated by Viviana Montalto and will feature interventions by Sergio Todesco, Gianluca Buttafarro, Paola Savoca, Tina Merlino and father Antonio Di Vincenzo.
On the 30th at 9.30 in the main hall of the Liceo Classico Maurolico we will talk about the uses of the Sicilian language, the dialect of the Strait, the Sicilian of songs and anthologies of Sicilian poets. The event was curated by the manager Giovanna De Francesco. Daniele Macris, Carmelo Lupini, Mario Sarica, Annamaria Celi and Sergio Foscarini will speak.
Also on the 30th at 7pm at the Spazio Lilla the prof will perform. Peppino Restifo in memory of Rosa Balistreri she will entertain us with her proverbial verve on events and raids that occurred in the hamlets of Tramontana, in particular in Acqualadroni which have remained in the memory of the songs, the cunti and the Sicilian language. On the same evening and again at the Spazio Lilla, at 8.30 pm, we will talk about the translation of the Odyssey into Sicilian by Rosa Gazzara, as part of the theater workshop “Dal canto al cuntu” on the Sicilian verses of the XII canto of the Odyssey, which holds for the second consecutive year Vincenzo Tripodo.
On December 1st at 10am at the headquarters of the Albatros Foundation Its Academy president Antonella Sidoti will introduce Anna Martano who will talk to us about the rediscovery of the Sicilian language in historical-traditional pastry making through the verses of the poem “Li cosi duci di li Batii” by Giovanni Meli. In the afternoon at 6pm at the Spazio Lilla we will talk about the Strait poet Maria Costa. And Marcello Mento and Sergio Todesco will do it.
On December 2nd at 9pm at the Spazio Lilla Vincenzo Tripodo will propose “La minata di li dei”, erotic composition by Micio Tempo. The show is prohibited for minors under 18 years of age.
The event will conclude with the conference-show “Sicilian, a language for music” which will be held at Villa Cianciafara by Amedeo Mallandrino, speaker Prof. Alba Crea. The singers Roberta Fazio, Giusy Costa, Martina Di Paola, Giorgio Midiri and Nazzareno De Benedetto will perform. All events can be followed on Todo Modo.