Lipari, the sensational resignation of mayor Gullo: irrevocable decision or challenge to dissent?


By John

Irrevocable decision or yet another challenge to his supporters and in particular to the majority in the Chamber who did not support him as he hoped?
This is the real question that revolves around the resignation announced yesterday by Mayor Riccardo Gullo. AND the answer will arrive shortly before Easter. In fact, according to the terms of the law, the mayor's resignation will be effective after 20 days, a period during which administrative activity will still be guaranteed. Subsequently, if no new facts arise, an extraordinary commissioner will be appointed who will remain in charge until new elections. Elections which, mind you, may not even be held before the summer. But this, we reiterate, will be next.
The present is precisely the communication that Riccardo Gullo he had the protocol registered yesterday morning at the Municipality after having been on a mission first to Rome and then to Palermo. A decision which – as confirmed in Aeolian political circles – he had announced on the occasion of the summit held two weeks ago, when he had evidently realized that there were no conditions to govern the Chamber in relation to some attitudes of his councilors coalition. Precisely this aspect is what raises many doubts about the definitiveness of the resignation. A reflection that forces – as can also be seen in the declarations of citizens, associations and politicians that we report on the page – to influence the exit of the current mayor just two years after the painful electoral victory (just 11 votes difference) towards the outgoing deputy mayor Gaetano Orto. Gullo could essentially have thrown down that gauntlet to friendly forces as he said in the crowded assembly in the hall of the Hotel Arciduca on Sunday 25 February. «I resign and by resigning the Council also falls and we will vote in June – these are his words – I will do another electoral campaign and the people are with us …». Adding dryly: “I won't let anyone slow me down and influence me.” Then a few days of respite, but evidently the reassurances would not have been enough. Or perhaps the mayor has decided to change his political strategy.