“Little angel fly to heaven and give us the strength to carry on” the Mirto Crosia school mourns the sweet Rosa Greco


By John

The classmates of the 4th D of the scientific high school of Rossano wanted to publicly outline the last farewell to the seventeen year old, Rosa Greco, the girl from Mirto Crosia, victim of a road accident in recent days on state road 106. The young students of the Rossana high school traced the memory of their partner and friend through a summary of the funeral celebrated in the square in front of the parish church ” San Giovanni Battista” of Mirto and presided over by the parish priest, Don Giuseppe Ruffo. They, from students to journalists for a day. From a pen full of emotion and emotion, a well-structured writing from contrite hearts. Among other things, they highlighted that many, many people took part in the ceremony. In reality, the church would not have been able to accommodate all the participants. Hence, the choice to hold funerals outside. “My soul is troubled.” These are the words with which Don Ruffo – the boys wrote – began the homiletic reflection. The presbyter invited the many faithful to reflect on the humanity of Christ, who, in addition to feeling pain for the death of his friend Lazarus, experienced firsthand the moment of death and the corruption of the tomb, albeit for a few days. At the end of the moving celebration, on the occasion of which the mayor of the Ionian town, Antonio Russo, proclaimed the city’s mourning, Antonio Pistoia, head teacher of the Rossano high school complex, the school attended by the late Rosa, spoke. The director, on behalf of all the school staff, expressed condolences to the girl’s relatives, focusing on her as Rosa, in the three years and fifteen days of school attendance, she was a “good girl”, as well as a model student, always dutiful to her dutiesAnd. Then turning to the little angel who flew to heaven with the certainty/hope of being listened to, he asked her to give everyone the strength to face everyday life and above all to enlighten minds, so that we can find the most appropriate way to honor and keep her I will live his memory for years to come. Afterwards, one of her classmates, on behalf of the whole class, outlined the qualities that distinguished Rosa from her and that made her an exceptional girl, as sweetness, polite manners, composure, a sense of altruism and respect for otherspromising, finally, to keep it alive in their hearts.