Woman arrested after driving with the accident victim on the bonnet for three kilometers


By John

Cheryl Henderson, 76, was arrested Saturday afternoon following a traffic crash at the intersection of Palm Coast Parkway and Belle Terre Parkway. The woman, trying to escape from the scene of the accident, continued running for over three kilometers with a person clinging to the bonnet. Foxnews reports.

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office sources reveal that after the initial collision, Henderson deliberately attempted to run over the victim to avoid arrest. The victim first attempted to stop the elderly woman using her vehicle, and later, seeing her attempt fail, she clung to her bonnet.

Witnesses say that the car driven by Henderson reached speeds of around 80 km/h with the victim on board. Nealon Joseph, a witness, chased the woman in a car trying to get her to stop. “Despite her slowing down a few times, she persisted in her speed until I intervened with the vehicle, forcing her to stop,” Joseph said.

Henderson, who was later arrested, said she tried in vain to stop the vehicle. After her arrest, she was transferred to prison and released on $20,000 bail.