Locri Hospital, the collaboration with Polistena will continue. Amodeo remains responsible for the OU


By John

“It was held this afternoon atLocri hospital a meeting in the presence of general director of the provincial health company of Reggio Calabria, Lucia Di Furia, which was attended by the professionals serving in the cardiology departments of Polistena and Locri. Also in light of some statements by Dr Vincenzo Amodeo – interim manager of the complex unit of Locri -, which appeared in the media, a moment of discussion and clarification was necessary to delve deeper into the operational difficulties that the operators currently face, starting from the lack of staff in the cardiology discipline in the two facilities of Locri and Polistena. Thanks to the availability of all the professionals, it was decided that an integrated activity will be maintained between the two structures to guarantee correct responses to citizens“. This is what we read in a note from the Provincial Health Authority of Reggio Calabria.

Doctor Amodeo – who apologized for the misunderstandings caused by his words in recent days – he will continue in the role of interim manager of the Locri complex unit, guaranteeing his presence or that of other healthcare experts in the methods in a constant manner to coordinate the activities and also giving availability to cover some shifts of the professionals coming from Polistena and the activation of the following Services to be provided in synergy with the SOC Cardiology of Locri: checks of pacemakers and cardiac defibrillators; trans-esophageal echocardiographies aimed at studying cardiac valve prostheses and searching for emboligenic sources deriving from the presence of atrial fibrillation to be subjected, on site, to electrical cardioversion; loop-recorder systems (heart rhythm recorders).

The general management also underlined that it has started the procedures relating to the competition for the role of head of cardiology in Locri, which it hopes will be filled shortly and has undertaken to send further cardiological equipment to improve care also through the introduction of new methods”.