‘Lorenzon’ issue, Coscarella doesn’t agree: “Absurd persecution against the company”


By John

He is very angry Fabio Coscarellapresident of the Rende Calcio. He decided to call the press yesterday morning to first ask for a meeting with the three prefectorial commissioners and then with the prefect of Cosenza. The owner of Rende Calcio cannot stomach the revocation of the concession for the Lorenzon stadium. He considers the provision of the three commissioners “illegitimate”, as well as the ruling of the TAR that rejected his appeal. The judges recall the prefectorial report where Coscarella is “erroneously accused in the Coffee Break investigation”, he wanted to say, with documents in hand and supported by his two lawyers, Francesco Calvelli and Luigi Lombardi.
The triad applied the 145 as if he, the president, «were implicated in this proceeding today, which however has already been concluded for twelve years. The issue is very strange because in the last eight months there has been a dense exchange of certified emails with the triad», he adds. Coscarella focuses on one date in particular. It is that of last April 2: «I am asked to transfer an electricity user, also chargeable to Rende Servizi, despite the absence of a Pod that certifies the consumption history». So what to do? «Based on the recent pronouncements of the TAR – he explains – I have asked for an urgent meeting with the Prefect because the State must protect me in the face of such an injustice. It must also protect the 200 children who are going to other facilities in the area to be able to play sports. The heritage of Rende Calcio is impoverished – concludes Fabio Coscarella – as is the emotional one. But it is right that the extent of the persecution towards the club and the existence of untrue documents are known. It is also sacrosanct that my children know that their father is not a member of the mafia”, he said.
The Lorenzon had been granted to the Rende company by the then Manna administration. In reality, the assignment is previous and had been confirmed in 2014 also by the prefectural commissioner, Maurizio Valiante, who took over after the resignation of the then mayor Vittorio Cavalcanti. The Manna administration decided to extend it for a period of nine years, extendable for another nine. According to the commissioners, that act presented more than one shadow and the order of last June 5 of the TAR proved them right.