Machine guns, rifles, cocaine and heroin: an arsenal and a greenhouse for drugs in the home of a 77-year-old from Locri


By John

The arsenal and the drugs were partially hidden inside a cavity created specifically in the attic of a house. A real arsenal composed of war and common weapons and ammunition, a large quantity of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and hashish. This is the outcome of an impressive operation coordinated by the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Locri and conducted to Natile di Careri by the Carabinieri of the Locri Company and the Heliported Hunters Squadron of Calabria, which led to thearrest of a 77 year old local man.

During a broader service aimed at combating electricity theft, carried out together with verification technicians, which also resulted in two reports being released for aggravated theft, the military, having perceived a strong smell of marijuana coming from one of the homes object of control, they immediately decided to investigate further by carrying out a house search.

What the soldiers found once they entered the house was disconcerting: one of the rooms was completely sealed and used as an indoor greenhouse for the cultivation of Indian hemp; dozens of packages containing a total of over 12 kg of marijuana already dried and ready for sale; 4.5 kg of pure cocaine divided into several wrappers; 2 blocks of heroin of 500g each and almost half a kilo of hashish.

In addition to the large quantity of narcotics, partly inside a warehouse and partly hidden in a cavity created specifically in the plasterboard attic, the arsenal was found consisting of:
– 10 guns;
– a precision rifle with Swarovski optics;
– 4 machine guns, of which two Israeli Uzi brand;
– 4 semi-automatic rifles;
– a dismantled AK-47;
– 3 silencers;
– 45 magazines for various weapons:
– more than 6300 ammunition of various calibers.

Among the weapons found, almost all with abraded serial number, some have emerged as the subject of thefts, committed in the provinces of Alessandria, Florence, Pisa and Pavia between 2009 and 2011, for which investigations are already underway aimed at verifying any connections with other criminal events. The narcotic and the weapons were seized and made available to the Judicial Authority for subsequent technical-ballistic investigations.