Putin: “The West is risking nuclear war. We have weapons to strike all countries


By John

Russia also holds weapons “that can hit targets in Western countries”: President Vladimir Putin said this while commenting on the statements of French President Emmanuel Macron who in recent days did not rule out the possible sending of Western soldiers to Ukraine. The West, said the Russian president, he says “nonsensical things” when he claims that Russia wants to attack Europe.

“Everything the West is devising – he added – truly leads to the threat of a conflict with nuclear weapons and therefore to the annihilation of civilization.”

“We will do everything to end the war in Ukraine and stop Nazism”

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced that Russia will do everything possible to end the war and eradicate Nazism from Ukraine. “It was not Russia that started the war in Donbass, but we will do everything to end it, eradicate Nazism and achieve the goals of the special military operation (in Ukraine),” the Russian leader said during his state speech of the Nation before the United Houses of Parliament. Less than a month before the presidential elections in which he is running for a fifth term, the Kremlin chief told parliamentarians that Russian forces now “firmly maintain the initiative” on the front and “safely advance in several areas, liberating more and more territories ».