Madness in Gioia Tauro, father-in-law injures his daughter-in-law with gunshots: a 45-year-old in critical condition at the Gom of Reggio


By John

Moments of fear this morning at Gioia Tauro in the province of Reggio Calabria. The police officers had to intervene at the city hospital where a 45-year-old North African woman presented herself in serious condition. The woman was The father-in-law, Antonio Gullace, 84 years old from Gioia Tauro, already known to the police, was wounded by gunfire and was shot.

There were four gunshots fired at the woman who, once wounded and bleeding in various parts of her body, threw herself from the balcony to escape the attacker's fury. Following the disastrous fall, the 45-year-old also suffered polytrauma. Urgently transferred to the Grand Metropolitan Hospital of Reggio Calabria in critical condition.

The woman's father-in-law decided to turn himself in and showed up at the Gioia police station with a gun with a broken serial number. From what we learn and from the first reconstructions of the serious incident, the motive for the shooting could have been a furious family quarrel between the woman and her husband.