Robbery and injuries in Crotone, two people end up in prison


By John

The Flying Squad of the General Prevention and Public Relief Office of the Police Headquarters placed two non-EU citizens of Egyptian origin, aged 19 and 22 respectively, under judicial police custody. held responsible for a robbery that took place around 1 am in the capital, in Via Paolo Borsellino.

A 28-year-old man from Crotone, who was returning to his home, was attacked by four individuals who, after throwing him to the ground, repeatedly kicking him and threatening him with a knife, stole a bag containing personal effects, as well as his sum of 3500 euros in cash, and two mobile phones.

The victim called the Operations Room of the Police Headquarters, providing a description of the criminals, so the police officers set out to look for them, carefully searching the municipal area.

After a couple of hours, two of the four criminals were identified in Piazza Pitagora, and found in possession of part of the stolen goods; recognized by the victim, treated at the emergency room with a prognosis of 10 days, at the end of the activity they were placed in police custody for complicity in robbery and personal injury, and associated at the local prison, available to the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Crotone.

From the investigations carried out by the Scientific Police and the Immigration Office, one of the two Egyptians was found to be present irregularly on the national territory, while the other has presented the request for asylum, and is awaiting examination of the application by the competent Commission Territorial.