Madonna's bad gaffe: she scolds a fan who was sitting at the concert, but he was in a wheelchair


By John

Bad gaffe for Madonna, who during a concert in Los Angeles scolded a fan for not standing up in the standing ovation, before realizing he was in a wheelchair.
What are you doing sitting over there?“, he flogged him from the stage.

Then she approached and, seeing him in a wheelchair, she backed away: “oh, ok, politically incorrect. I'm sorry“.

But it wasn't enough to prevent the wave of indignation on the web after a video on TikTok posted on Saturday went viral, with over 2 million clicks.
Those are some sad excuses! What the hell. Refund his ticket!!” asked one user.
She didn't apologize enough“said another.”Ma'am, there are 100 reasons why someone might stay seated and they're all valid” another noted.