“Magician” Caserta makes Cosenza perform at their best with the quadrilateral of wonders


By John

Three goals like in the only home victory before Saturday. Against Lecco, as with Ascoli, Cosenza surprised their opponents with a start from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in a concentrated space. A speed to which the opponents struggled to adapt, ending up on the fringes of the match already in the first 25 minutes, finding themselves definitively out after fifty.
Fabio Caserta from Palermo onwards has found the right situation that allows him to exploit his great offensive potential made available to him by Roberto Gemmi and Eugenio Guarascio. The 4-4-2, with the use of players devoted to sacrifice such as Marras and Mazzocchi, offers the Sila the possibility of discovering the flank without excesses. The tactical approach, which involves small variables, made Cosenza take off, who in the last few days were unable to move the table only in the home match with Cremonese, a champion for the category, with whom, however, D’Orazio and his associates did not they disfigured.
The Lecco exam was passed with high marks because the rossoblù team showed up on the pitch with the right competitive tension, against an opponent who, to be honest, appeared quite below the technical level of the category.
The Sila team, after the second stop of the championship, have a double external test to demonstrate a growth process that now seems to be well underway. Sampdoria and Spezia, at the equator of the first round, will clarify whether the playoff option is a viable path for the Sila group, currently in full tussle for a post season at odds with those experienced in the previous two years.
The Melito coach, meanwhile, has received various positive notes. Starting with Francesco Forte’s brace. The “shark” let his “fin” emerge with two authentic feats, with his right foot, from outside the area. For an attacker, who lives on goals, the ideal moment to break the fast and recharge further during the break.
An abstinence that Tutino could suffer, however. Also for this reason, the coach reserved sweet words for him in the post-match press conference. The Neapolitan attacker had to deal with Saracco and the woodwork – after the post in Pisa, it was the crossbar that denied him the joy – but, as had happened in the away game at the Arena Garibaldi, he offered an important contribution, also thanks to those engines implanted in the quadriceps that had already bewitched the fans in his first professional experience with the Cosenza jersey. With Lecco, the number nine also offered a delightful service for Marras’ 2-0.
Good signals have also emerged from other departments. The duo of Praszelik and Calò responded to the challenges with positive performances. The Trieste native is now a pleasant rediscovery after the dull last season in which he paid for a condition made precarious by the lack of pre-season work worthy of the name. If possible, the performances of the former Benevento player have become even more striking with the absence of Zuccon, a player who will return to lend a big hand once he recovers.
The Pole, in the meantime, has become a faithful squire and valid ally of Calò. In Caserta’s hierarchies he has gained ground and is currently ahead of Viviani, who essentially remains Calò’s replacement.
Finally, the defense. The back pack finished without conceding a goal for the third time this season, after the matches against Ascoli and Palermo. With a little more attention there would have been four, but a bad individual reading undermined the work produced with Pisa. Cimino, not even with very small steps, is now becoming a guarantee of personality and application.