Cosenza, Caruso “divorces” Funaro. The mayor revokes the vice


By John

A “divorce”. Determined by a gradual and increasingly accentuated lack of communication: mayor and deputy mayor hadn’t seen or spoken to each other for weeks. Franz Caruso and Maria Pia Funaro were no longer sharing anything. Any examples? The document signed by the government majority against the position taken by the CGIL in favor of the construction of the new hospital in the area of ​​the Arcavacata university campus and not in Vagliolise. The union took this position officially on the occasion of the regional initiative on healthcare organized in Rendano. The municipal executive and the center-left forces that lead the Bruzio capital have prepared a document reiterating the need to create the health facility in the area identified by the city council: a document that the deputy mayor Funaro did not share, avoiding signing at the bottom. The other opportunity for differentiation? The budget estimate approved by the council and which will arrive, after much suffering, in the municipal assembly for the vote. Well Maria Pia Funaro did not participate in the council meeting and, therefore, did not vote on the financial document. This would have been – to use an overused and rhetorical expression – the straw that would have broken the camel’s back.