Maneuver 2024, one and a half billion allocated for law enforcement. Meloni: “Thank you for what you do every day”


By John

Of the 5 billion allocated in the budget for national collective bargaining in the public sector, “based on Mef calculations, taking into account the wage bill and average wages, and also based on our priorities, no less than 1.4 billion will be allocated to the Police and Armed Forces and another 100 million to the Fire Brigade.

Overall 1.5 billion entirely destined for the sector that you represent”. The Prime Minister said this Giorgia Meloni in the meeting at Palazzo Chigi between the government and the trade unions and the representatives of the personnel of the Armed Forces, Police Forces and Fire Brigade.
“I would like to express to you on my behalf and that of the entire Government – said Meloni at the beginning of his speech at the discussion table between the government and the trade unions and the representatives of the defense, security and public rescue sectors – my appreciation and thanks for the work you do every day.”
“It is not a ritual formula to thank those who provide their service on a daily basis, in Italy and abroad, to defend our security and our freedom, to save those who find themselves in dangerous situations, to help the most fragile – added Meloni -. It’s something much more. It’s something that touches our being together, our being a community.
Because without security there is no freedom, there is no social protection, there is no economic growth.”
Illustrating the legislative decree on the military instrument, the Prime Minister specified that “it is a provision on which the Defense has worked hard and aims to overcome an anachronistic system and recognizes the need to adapt the personnel of the Armed Forces in line with the increased commitments in the field national and international. It will make it possible to enhance the professionalism necessary to face new challenges, also to protect new domains, and to recruit professionals in permanent service with high and very high specialization”. “We have approved the economic maneuver for 2024, which lays the foundations for further steps forward – explained the Prime Minister -. On the basis of the manoeuvre, we have convened a specific session of the Council of Ministers for today which deals with the needs of the sector defense, security and public rescue and which also concerns security issues. As regards the maneuver, the central issue is the issue of the renewal of contracts. As you know, the contracts in the sector have expired in 2021 and are among those contracts that need to be renewed.”