Manslaughter for a robbery, the butcher from Reggio remains in prison


By John

Arrest validated and precautionary custody in prison confirmed for the butcher from Reggio Calabria Francesco Putorti who on Monday morning surprised two criminals, originally from Catania, who were stealing from his home in the hilly hamlet of Reggio south, Oliveto, and stabbed them at the height of a scuffle. One of the two thieves died from his injuries, the other was forced to be treated in hospital in Messina. Two others apparently ran away while they were waiting outside the house. For the investigating judge of Reggio Calabria, Giovanna Sergi, the risk of escape, the possibility of tampering with evidence and the risk of repeating the crime prevail. And above all the serious indications of guilt. The request of the Public Prosecutor was therefore accepted Nunzio De Salvo. Police and Carabinieri investigations continue to shed light on the many obscure points of a terrible affair.