Mare Dentro: the fourth episode takes you on the “Svalan”, the hydrofoil sunk in the port by the Israeli secret services


By John

The program hosted by “Mare Dentro” returns at 3.15pm Emilio Pintaldi and Mauro Cucè which takes you to the wrecks of the Strait, telling you stories and anecdotes. The protagonist of the fourth episode is the Aliscan Svalan, which sank in the port of Messina in 1983 with explosive charges placed by the Israeli secret services. The Ecosfera divers led by Domenico Majolino are underwater. Many experts were interviewed. Repeats today at 6pm, 9pm and 11.15pm.

The history of Svalan

The hydrofoil Svalan, swallow in Swedish, was built in the Rodriquez Shipyards of Messina in 1965. The hydrofoil sets sail for Sweden on 30 June under its own power. On 15 July 1965 the boat began service between Malmö and Copenhagen. In 1983 she was sold together with her twin Tarnan to a Cypriot company. At a certain point the two hydrofoils were brought back from Cyprus to Messina and moored near the Rodriquez shipyard. Here they sank following explosions on board, in the early hours of 30 January 1986.
From the front pages of the major national newspapers it emerges that the first roar was at around 5.30 am and this was followed, ten minutes later and at a certain distance, by a second. They were the bombs that sank both Cypriot hydrofoils, the Svalan and the Tarnan. The almost perfect synchrony of the explosions suggested the hand of specialists behind the attention. The Israeli secret services were probably behind that attack.