Maria Limardo “greets” the citizens: «New horizons traced in Vibo»


By John

«Vibo has the path mapped out towards new horizons». This is how the mayor began: Maria Limardo, in his greeting speech to the citizens, held in a special event at Palazzo Gagliardi. The room was packed: all her old and new “travel companions” who have supported her in the government of the city in these five years were present, as a sign of esteem and affection. The emotion was great.
You could see it in the eyes of the deputy mayor, Pasquale Scalamognaas well as in those of the president of the municipal council, Rino Putrino, of the councilors and assessors, to culminate, then, in the words of the deputy Giuseppe Mangialavori. «Maria Limardo was a lioness in defending and administering the city. An exemplary woman” said the parliamentarian, without hiding his emotion.
Thunderous applause from the audience, who cried and rejoiced on this evening of the closing of a cycle.