Fire in a maternity ward in New Delhi, six newborns killed


By John

Six newborns have died in a fire that devastated a children's hospital in New Delhi. This was reported by the local police.

During the fire that broke out in the ward, 12 children were taken away from the facility thanks also to the intervention of the people present, but six of the 12 newborns were already dead when the doctors managed to rescue them, according to what was confirmed by the police officer Surendra Choudhary.

A seventh baby among the twelve rescued from the flames had died before the fire, police said. “Legal proceedings are being initiated against the hospital property,” Officer Choudhary said, but gave no details on how the children died.

The fire, which mobilized fourteen fire trucks, broke out late yesterday afternoon at the New Born Baby Care hospital in New Delhi and “spread too quickly due to the explosion of an oxygen cylinder”, the director of the city's fire brigade, Atul Garg, told the Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency. Speaking of a “heartbreaking” situation, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stressed that “those responsible for this negligence will be held accountable”.