Massacre in Moscow, Putin: “Those responsible will be punished, whoever is behind it.” Tomorrow is a day of national mourning in Russia


By John

Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned the “barbaric” terrorist attack against a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow and assured that those who commissioned the attack, claimed by the Islamic State, will be punished.

«All perpetrators, organizers and those who commissioned this crime will receive a deserved and inevitable punishment, whoever they are and regardless of whether they were sent. They face an unenviable fate: punishment and oblivion.” Putin spoke in a message on TV which was relaunched by local agencies.

“The criminals moved in cold blood to kill, to shoot the Russians at point blank range, as the Nazis once did.” But he assured that “Russia has always become even stronger in the most difficult moments, and so it will be this time too.”

Massacre in Moscow: tomorrow day of national mourning in Russia

There will be a day of national mourning tomorrow in Russia for the people killed in the attack on the concert hall outside Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin made this known, speaking to the nation.