Masters athletics, silver in the 5000 meters race walk for Edoardo Alfieri from Catanzaro


By John

Edoardo Alfieri won the silver medal at the Italian Masters Athletics Championships in Rome. A weekend of passion and competition at the Paolo Rosi stadium, for over 1,400 athletes and more than 2,400 athletes-competitors representing 380 clubs involved in the tricolor challenges. A 44th edition in the recently renovated Acqua Acetosa facility. In the 5,000-meter walk, the standard-bearer of the Asd Centro Sportivo Giovanile Catanzaro Lido, the sports association founded on the seashore in 1976 dedicated to the Madonna di Porto Salvo, Edoardo Alfieri today wins the silver despite the sultry heat in the capital and some muscular problems due to the preparation for the world championships in Gothenburg in Sweden next August where our European champion with three European titles to his credit in Torun in Poland and two in Porto Santo in Portugal will try to repeat the world results of a few years ago. A great challenge with his all-time rival Antonio Lopetuso Amateurs Atl. Acquaviva and 50 meters divide the two athletes, despite the problems. And upon returning, training will be intensified for the twelve days of the 2024 World Championships. The Asd Centro Sportivo Giovanile Catanzaro Lido is preparing to celebrate its Italian vice champion on the race track Edoardo Alfieri for the results achieved in 2024: the only athlete in the world who wins so much in the firmament of international walking.