Maxi operation in the Corigliano-Rossano prison: cell phones, drugs and rudimentary weapons found


By John

It began in the early hours of today maxi penitentiary police operation inside the Corigliano-Rossano prison during which countless smartphone-type mobile phones and handsets, wireless earphones, battery chargers, drugs and rudimentary weapons were found. From some initial information it seems that the impressive figure is due to the quantity of what was found and the skill with which they were hidden. Despite the provision of a crime for illegal entry and possession of telephones in prisons, for which the penal code today provides for a sentence ranging from 1 to 4 years, the phenomenon does not seem to be decreasing.

“Sinappe has always been close to the countless problems of the Rossano Penitentiary, but certainly nothing could have foreshadowed a possibility of this magnitude: Penitentiary Police personnel need support, suitable technological supports that allow them to operate safely, shielding that makes communication with the outside impossible; the greatest hope that can be made is that the Administration takes note of what has been found and that the spotlight is turned on on the Ciminata Contrada Penitentiary considering, above all, the type of prisoners who are confined there” The applause of SiNAPPe continues once to colleagues from the various penitentiaries in the region, for their professionalism, attention and constant demonstration of being a guarantor of legality within penitentiary institutions.