Mayors’ salaries are soaring: you can earn up to 14 thousand euros


By John

The salaries of Italian mayors will rise further in the coming months, for some up to 14 thousand euros: this is what is foreseen by a rule inserted by Mario Draghi’s government which in the then Budget Law established a gradual increase starting from 2022 and will reach its completion on January 1st 2024. Corriere della Sera writes this today. The size of the increases is calculated based on the size of the municipality to be led: 100% for metropolitan mayors, 80% for regional capital municipalities and provincial capitals with a population of more than one hundred thousand inhabitants and so on up to 16% for mayors of municipalities with a population of up to three thousand inhabitants.

According to Corriere’s calculations, from 7 thousand euros gross, the salary of the mayor of Rome (and his metropolitan colleagues) will rise to 13,800 euros, always gross, and will therefore be like that of governors. In Rieti and other provincial capitals with less than fifty thousand inhabitants, from January 1, 2024 the mayors will receive 9,660 euros gross per month. The measure was decided to adjust the allowances that had been stopped for over twenty years and to make the position of mayor attractive in the face of judicial risks.