Reggina, the first goal goes to the fans: 1612 season tickets in two days!


By John

Reggina fans continue to be protagonists. Yesterday was still the day in which the very large representation of amaranth supporters present in Locri for the debut against San Luca was highlighted. Today, however, is the time to focus on number of subscribers: 1612 in two days of sales.
The inability to purchase tickets online did not discourage those who patiently queued up to get their entry ticket to the seasonal stadium. A somewhat anachronistic procedure, but the only one possible at this stage. The tight deadlines have made it impossible to organize online sales which must go through a series of preliminary steps, which we hope can be completed in these hours.
The company has announced that even today all season ticket holders from the past season (in any sector) will be able to purchase a Curva Sud season ticket at the discounted price of 60 euros. The last time Reggina was forced to restart from Serie D it reached around 3500 season ticket holders. It must be said that in that case 25 euros were enough to purchase a season ticket in Curva Sud.
In the meantime, Bruno Trocini’s team began preparing for Sunday’s match against Siracusa yesterday. A single session took place which preceded today’s double session. This will be a very important week of work, because for a long time it will remain the only entire week available to Bruno Trocini.
The coach will probably dedicate these days mainly to refining the technical-tactical understanding between the players, focusing on simple ideas. From a physical point of view, however, the team will have to acquire the match rhythm by playing, taking into account that there are no times or ways to be able to recover all the skipped preparation.
Against San Luca we saw a team lined up with 4-3-3, in line with a common choice in the Serie D championship in which the under players tend to be deployed on the outside, in attack or in goal.
However, it should not be interpreted as a definitive solution. First of all, because the direction of the starting eleven was indicated by the availability of only one central defender, Ingegneri, who was joined by Zanchi, who is actually a left back. And then because the team will soon have a large battery of defensive interiors with the integration of Aquino, the recovery of Girasole, the officialization of Kremenovic (practically done deal) and the possible adaptability of unders like Martiner and Cham. A situation that could lead Trocini to dust off, as soon as he deems it appropriate, that 3-5-2 which was the formation he used most in his career.
It is not easy to speculate when this might happen. This is, among other things, the tactical deployment (with possible digressions such as a slightly more attacking midfielder) that has brought so many successes in the recent history of Reggina: from Franco Colomba to Mimmo Toscano, passing through Walter Mazzarri.
Certainly among the ideas that inspired the construction of the team was that of hiring flexible players to be able to use different game systems.