Mazzarrà Sant’Andrea fire, homes on the hill touched by fire. Flames also in the former landfill VIDEO


By John

Firefighters from the Messina Command engaged in the huge fire that broke out at the Mazzarà Sant’Andrea landfill. Many forces were deployed, by land and by air, with tank trucks (APS), pump tank trucks (ABP), pick-ups with firefighting module, Canadair, fire brigade helicopter.
Currently, 5 teams are working on the fire, personnel specialized in topography applied to level 2 rescue (TAS2), team for nuclear, bacteriological, chemical and radioactivity type interventions (NBCR), DOS personnel (director for firefighting operations), Falco 10 , Geronimo SH64, Erikson and Canadair CAN 18. The earthmoving vehicles unit (MMT) has been alerted at the request of the Messina Command, where the vehicles from the Catania Command will be sent to carry out the removal of the material. A further air intervention request (RIA) was made to send another Canadair. The carabinieri, local police, civil protection and the ARPA (Regional Environmental Protection Association) are present on site.