Merger between Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero: the referendum next spring


By John

Dates. The consultative referendum on the “single city” could be held in April next year. The formal constitution of the “Greater Cosenza” could instead be postponed to 2026. These are the times whispered by the Institutional Affairs Commission, led by Luciana De Francesco. Times that could make everyone agree. Even the mayor Franz Caruso which seems to have softened the tone of the controversy with the eight regional councilors promoting the bill.
The Bruzio mayor says: «During the hearing held in Reggio, I appreciated the interventions and assessments that were expressed by sectors of the regional government majority itself. In particular, I recorded the councillors’ declarations of broad willingness to share the city project Pietro Molinaro And Giuseppe Graziano especially with regards to the times and methods that will have to characterize the merger process. No less important was the attention paid to the feasibility study proposal and the request for an opinion to be forwarded to the Court of Auditors. I have always thought and with honesty always declared” states Caruso “that there is a part of the center right which, regardless of the natural party and ideological opposition, on “right” issues and arguments, because of objective collective benefit, surpasses the paradigm of the parties and is open to discussion. In this sense, therefore, I hope and hope that the amendments to the bill on the establishment of the new Municipality resulting from the merger of Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero which I officially presented yesterday, will be accepted to create that great city that is economically solid, modern and sustainable, necessary to project us towards a better and more developed future.”