Merger in Cosenza, the process reaches the Council: the “no” campaign continues


By John

Urban area: a project with many nuances. Committees that say “no” to the mergerassociations intent on collecting signatures to put together a petition and the regional center-right ready for the final act of a journey that began months ago.
At the Citadel, in fact, the Institutional Affairs Commission is in the process of preparing the so-called resolution, containing all the steps carried out so far, including the hearings and indications on the possible names to be attributed to the single common unborn child.
A rose of three petals, to be chosen between Cosenza, Cosenza-Rende-Castrolibero and Nuova Cosenza, regarding which, however, the citizens will have to express themselves.
The president of the organisation, Luciana De Francesco, a member of Fratelli d’Italia, says she is satisfied with the work carried out by the team responsible for putting together the intricate puzzle, and announces the imminent arrival in the Council of the process just concluded. After which the referendum will be called and the case will be returned to the Commission to discuss it in detail and possibly organize another round of consultations.
On the opposite front, meanwhile, despite the opposition expressed by the municipal administrations of Cosenza and Rende towards the method imparted by the Region, the battle continues on the field of committees and associations, which contest the law also on its merits.