Mesoraca, mistreats his partner. Approach ban for a 46 year old


By John

Prohibition from approaching the cohabitant, victim of mistreatment. In this context of protection, following investigations coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Crotone, the Carabinieri of the Station of Mesoraca have executed the order, issued by the GIP, for the application of the personal precautionary measure of no approach to the places frequented by the offended person, dependent on a 46 year old of the place, reached by serious indications of guilt regarding the crime of mistreatment against family members. The complaint from the partner and the immediate investigations conducted by the Carabinieri made it possible to provide an unequivocal picture of the matter to the Public Prosecutor’s Office which immediately took action to provide protection for the offended parties. The continuous and constant attention of the Carabinieri on the phenomena of violence against vulnerable groups and in particular women and the elderly, is reflected daily in prevention and repression activities, such as complaints and consequent requests for measures. This time too, the synergy between the Carabinieri, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Crotone investigating judge made it possible to put an end to yet another sad story.