Messina, a peer that smacks of mockery. The Modica team ahead 3-1 is joined in injury time by Turris


By John

Messina – Turris 3-3

Markers: 1′ Plescia, 9′ Frisenna, 20′ D’Auria, 5’st Emmausso, 38’st Giannone, 50’st Nocerino
Messina (4-3-3): Fumagalli 5.5; Lia 6 (27’st Polito 5.5), Manetta 6.5, Pacciardi 6, Ortisi 6; Scafetta 6, Frisenna 7 (47’st Ragusa sv), Firenze 6; Emmausso 7 (47′ Buffa sv), Plescia 6.5 (21’st Zunno 5), Cavallo 6 (21′ Ferrara 6). Annex Modica 7
Turris (3-4-3): Fasolino 5; Cocetta 4.5 (33’st Example sv), Miceli 6, Burgio 6; Cum 6, Scaccabarozzi 5.5, Matera 5.5 (22’st Pugliese), Contessa; D’Auria 6.5 (17’st Nocerino), De Felice 5.5 (17’st Maniero 5.5), Pavone 5 (17’st Giannone 7). All. Caneo
Referee: Simone Galipò of Florence 6
Note: Booked are Crocetta, Manetta, Matera, Scaccabarozzi, Polito, Frisenna, Pugliese. Spectators. Angles. Recovery 6′ and 5′

A draw that smacks of mockery for Messina, ahead for the entire match and achieved in full injury time: opportunities, mistakes, emotions six goals in the debut at the “Franco Scoglio” against Turris. The Campanians always chase and in the end they snatch a difficult 3-3, taking advantage of the substitutions and taking advantage of a suffering final management by the Peloritani. For which they are absolutely two points lost. Messina immediately took the lead with Plescia and the second goal came in the 9th minute with Frisenna. But Turris didn’t give up and in the 20th minute they found the goal to make it 2-1 with D’Auria. Five minutes passed in the second half and the home team took the lead at 3-1 with a goal from Emmausso who celebrated under the Curva Sud. It seemed done, but in the 95th minute the Campania team found the unexpected equalizer with Nocerino.