Messina, almost a kilo of hashish found in a 17 year old. Locked up in a first reception center


By John

The Volanti police officers arrested a seventeen-year-old from Messina in flagrante delicto found in possession of approximately 850 grams of narcotic substances.
In particular, during the usual control activity of the territory, the police intervened for a dispute in the CEP Village area, but inside the house they immediately perceived the characteristic smell of cannabis coming from the room used by the seventeen-year-old.
Upon specific question, the minor initially declared that he was using it personally, handing over a small quantity, around 5 grams, of what, upon subsequent investigations by the local Scientific Police Department, turned out to be marijuana.
Suspicious by the persistence of the smell, the officers informed the young man that they would search the housethen the seventeen-year-old attempted to escape, locking the entrance door and the gate from the outside, in a futile attempt to block the police and gain impunity.
However, after a short chase on foot, the seventeen-year-old was caught and arrested for the crime of possession for the purpose of trafficking of narcotic substances as well as reported for the crime of resisting a public official. At the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office at the Juvenile Court, the young man was transferred to the first reception center at the Juvenile Court of Catania.
The careful search of the apartment, in fact, led to the discovery of two blocks of hashish with a total weight of approximately 145 grams kept in the bedroom wardrobe and a further 700 grams of marijuana already divided into fifteen wrappers of different sizes and hidden in a backpack and inside a motorcycle helmet bag. The attempt to sprinkle the backpack and bag with coffee was also useless, probably to hide the smell produced by cannabis.
Finally, a precision scale and other material intended for packaging the narcotic substance were found and seized, including some transparent sachets bearing the name of the specific type of marijuana that was likely to be sold on the city market.