Rave massacre in Israel: father locates daughter’s body with “find my iPhone”


By John

At the tragic and violent scene of a terrorist attack in Israela young woman, Danielle Waldmanlost her life together with her boyfriend, Noam Shaibecause of the Hamasi attacks during the Nova Music Festivalnear the border with Gaza Strip. Danielle’s father, Eyal Waldman, after losing contact with his daughter, used the “Find my iPhone” hoping to find her alive and fearing a kidnapping by Hamas.

The discovery, however, was dramatic: geolocation led him to the lifeless body of his daughter and her boyfriend, both killed during an escape attempt. As Eyal shares the memory of her daughter, a young woman full of life and love, the pain and tragedy of this story resonates strongly, marking yet another episode in a long and painful series of conflicts and losses in a region ravaged by war and violence.

The Army of Israel: al Qaeda manuals found on corpses

Israeli army soldiers found al-Qaida manuals on the terrorists’ body. This was stated by the spokesperson of the Israel Defense Forces quoted by Haaretz. The spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Daniel Hagari, stated that “Hamas is ISIS: it is not a slogan” and presented a sort of manual of the Islamic State and al Qaeda on the production of improvised explosive devices ( IED) that Hamas militants left in the border communities of Gaza. Haaretz writes this, specifying that senior officials of the Israeli Defense Forces are in close contact with the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and that there is “great value in this operational partnership”.