Messina and the sprint for the transfer: here’s why the next few days will be decisive


By John

The Saturday afternoon that shakes up the negotiations for the sale of Messina. There has always been confidence in the closing of the deal, the dialogue had been in full swing for days, but the telephone contact between president Sciotto and one of the representatives of the group interested in acquiring the club has given an important boost towards the closing.

Who are the interested parties in Messina? Anglo-American entrepreneurs and managers involved in the new economy who would invest in Messina and would like to reach a definitive agreement in the first days of July. They are well aware of how it is necessary to give a strong push towards the closure, positive or negative, especially in view of a sports season that on August 11, in 42 days, will stage the first official challenge with the debut in the Italian Cup.
Leave in good hands. President Sciotto, consistent with his health conditions and the latest medical tests undergone, has made himself available to the buyers, requesting the sending of those documents necessary to complete the paperwork delivered to the Anglo-American group. The will of the new potential owner is to satisfy the economic requests, arrived from the white-blue club, in a single solution, also taking on the debt mass. From his point of view, Sciotto is evaluating all aspects of the negotiation, from the conditions to the solidity of the buyers to the future prospects: after seven years at the helm of a team that is now an integral part of the family, the president would like to leave Messina in good hands. A statement, moreover, that he has often repeated over the years on the sidelines of the numerous chats about the possible sale.
Will and evaluations. Both parties would like to reach a closing of the deal as quickly as possible and the will of this group, which invests and has already invested in football, is total. 360-degree evaluations will have to be made before signing the preliminary agreement and then arriving at the closing: we are proceeding with caution, but at the same time with ever-increasing optimism.
Technical implications. In the event of a change of ownership, the purely managerial issue will then be addressed, with the new company bringing with it a renewed organizational chart, especially in terms of the sporting director and general manager, key figures whose positions are currently vacant at Messina. And who would need to be filled even if Pietro Sciotto were to remain, but with careful and not improvised choices. The certainty today is represented by Giacomo Modica, the link between the past and the future who appears destined to sit on the Messina bench anyway, regardless of who the owner will be, after the renewal that arrived in recent days.