Messina, Emmausso charges the environment: “A team worthy of applause”


By John

Giacomo’s tactical move Modicato deploy Messina in Picerno with the 4-2-3-1, removing a midfielder (Scafetta) and inserting three elements to support Plesciahe brought Emmausso in a more centralized position, as an attacking midfielder, free to vary and find the right spaces to impose himself. As a second striker, doubling up on the laterals, receiving the ball between the lines, without giving any reference points. The former player on duty at “Curcio” did it, responding positively to his coach’s “deliveries”, perhaps not having an impact on a single play but then giving his team an important point by converting the penalty earned by Plescia, with coolness, then going to celebrate with the Peloritan fans, together with his teammates, under the away section.
A match that could act as a definitive “shock” for Emmausso, who just a few days ago had been “tickled” by Modica, who asked for more from one of his most imaginative men. «Right from the start we played a great match, always hitting them high with our all-out pressure – commented Acr’s number 10 after the match -. Playing on this field is never easy. I believe that of the eight matches played this month it was the best in terms of consistency of performance from start to finish.”
In short, satisfaction for the result, for the performance, and also for the goal, the second of the season: “It’s a law, the ex’s goal.” Now Emmausso hopes to never stop, to grow and find greater affinity with his teammates, regardless of whether it involves playing wider on the right or between the lines.
The point with Picerno, beyond the implications in the standings, is significant of the step forward in the mentality that Messina is trying to carry forward, trying to compete on every field and in front of every opponent (in fact, as an approach, only patched the match against Sorrento). Without forgetting that on Friday there were also heavy pawns missing on the white-shielded chessboard: «Florence, Lia and Pacciardi they are important players for us – recalled Emmausso -. It was absolutely not obvious to respond on the field in that way to their defections.” Absolute debut for Salvo as a full-back, who showed courage, doing his best. The impact of the two-man midfield with double play was good Franco-Frisena quite assorted couple.
Now the tour de force continues, we will return to the pitch on Thursday for the midweek round, on the 29th at Crotone, on November 1st in recovery against Taranto, then on the 5th against Benevento. Everyone must be ready: «The way we work during the week we can play sixteen matches in a month – said Emmausso, highlighting full confidence in the methods of the technical staff but not only -. We have a company and a community behind us that support us. And above all the fans, who we virtually embraced with affection after the goal I scored.” In short, with this state of mind, move forward with confidence.