Messina, Excellence in swimming in the Propaganda sector: Alice Gambadoro's performance stands out


By John

The “Graziella Campagna” swimming pool hosted one of the tests of the swimming excellence championship, reserved for Propaganda. The participation of the athletes was good, as they competed in the lanes of the city swimming facility and some of the technical results were interesting. Among these, those of Alice Gambadoro, registered for the Centro Fin Messina, first in the 50m backstroke and second in the 50m breaststroke. Particularly in the 50 backstroke, the 2015 class coached by Virginie Vallin provided an excellent performance, completing the two laps in 48”7, ahead of Rachele Saporita of Swimblu e Aurora Beccallialso from the Fin Center.

A time also lower than that set by the older students. In the 50m breaststroke, second place – as mentioned – for Gambadoro, who prepared the race practically for the last month, finishing it in 1'03″29, behind her teammate Gaia Romeo, who went under the minute with 59″7 .

«I am happy with the progress made thanks to the commitment to training and Virginie's instructions. The Fin Messina center is a big family and I have many friends – says Alice Gambadoro – I am increasingly passionate about swimming and I am happy to practice this beautiful sport.”
Furthermore, Centro Fin won the ranking reserved for companies, scoring 1619 points, ahead of Neri Fitness of Capo d'Orlando (1442). Third was Power Team Messina (746) followed by: Wellnext, Swimblu, Ulysse and Ssd Unime.

Here, finally, are the other winners of the numerous heats and the various categories, ranging from Beginners to Seniors: Adelaide Lattanzio (Neri Fitness), Marco Cardillo (Centro Fin), Elisa Scianò (Neri Fitness), Arianna Zazzera (Centro Fin), Sophie D'Andrea (Power Team), Claudio Tuccio (Power Team), Gioele Bonanno (Power Team), Antonino Calanni (Neri Fitness), Emma Cangemi (Neri), Emanuele Princiotto (Neri), Thomas Gugliotta (Neri), Isabella Lanza (Ulysse), Aurora Pisagatti (Power Team), Elisa Mammana (Centro Fin), Giuseppe Rizzo (Power Team), Giorgia D'Italia (Ulysse), Santi Cutugno (Ssd Unime), Loretta Raffa (Centro Fin), Sara Russo ( Neri Fitness), Alessio Pisagatti (Power Team), Francesco Piscitello (Wellnext), Gaetano Parafioriti (Neri Fitness), Gea Vita (Centro Fin), Alessandro Arigò (Centro Fin), Luca Petrella (Ulysse), Chiara Fernandez Martines (Power Team ), Esmeralda Abate (Centro Fin) and Tommaso Ainis (Ssd Unime).