Messina fails to achieve the feat against Benevento: Impronta sends the Giallorossi to the playout zone


By John

Messina-Benevento 0-1
Markers: 6′ st Improta
Messina (4-3-3): Fumagalli 7; Lia 6, Manetta 6.5, Polito 5.5, Ortisi 5.5; Scafetta 5.5 (36′ st Luciani sv), Franco 6 (14′ st Buffa 5.5), Giunta 5 (30′ st Firenze 5.5); Cavallo 4.5 (14′ st Ragusa 5), ​​Plescia 6, Emmausso 4.5 (36′ st Zammit sv). Available De Matteis, Di Bella, Darini, Pacciardi, Tropea, Salvo, Frisenna, Zunno. All. Modica 5.5.
Benevento (3-4-2-1): Paleari 6; El Kaouakibi 6, Pastina 6.5, Berra 6.5 (36′ st Benedetti sv); Improta 7 (32′ st Capellini sv), Talia 5.5 (1′ st Bolsius 6.5), Agazzi 6, Masciangelo 6.5; Karic 6, Ciano 6.5 (17′ st Kubica 6); Ferrante 6 (1′ st Marotta 7). Available Manfredini, Nunziante, Alfieri, Pinato, Tello, Rillo, Viscardi, Masella, Carfora, Ciciretti. Coach Andreoletti 7.
Referee: Emanuele Frascaro of Florence 6.5
Note: Booked: Talia (B), Ortisi (M), El Kaouakibi (B), Berra (B), Karic (B), Agazzi (B). Expelled in the 45th minute st Ortisi (M). Corner: 5-6 – Time added: 0′ and 4′
Second consecutive defeat for Messina who lost 1-0 to Benevento and slipped into the playout zone, on par with Monopoli at 11. At Scoglio, after a substantially balanced first half, the Samnites came out at a distance, dominating the second half thanks especially the impact from the bench of Marotta, who replaced Ferrante and was decisive, despite not scoring. Improta’s header in the 51st minute decided the match.
Messina takes the lead in the first half, while Benevento waits in their own half, ready to strike on the counterattack. The Biancoscudati kicked three times towards Paleari’s goal: in the 17th minute Cavallo turned Lia’s cross centrally; in the 24th minute Scafetta from the edge, assisted by Emmausso, misses the conclusion which goes wide and in the 37th minute Giunta’s low shot doesn’t hurt Paleari who blocks the ground. Benevento, sly, risks hurting the first real attack: sensational movement by Ferrante to evade Polito’s marking and a powerful shot that hits the crossbar with Fumagalli beaten.
At the start of the second half Marotta takes over, taking over from Ferrante: first shot just wide from outside, then a super save by Fumagalli on his header. From the following corner, kicked by Ciano in the 51st minute, Improta freed himself from Giunta’s marking and scored the 0-1 at the near post. Messina would have the chance to equalize in the 64th minute: Emmausso marks out Ragusa who frees himself for the shot at the height of the penalty spot, but sensationally sends it wide. Double miracle, then, from Fumagalli who in the 69th minute triumphs over Marotta and Kubica. Final attack by Messina who isn’t there and biancoscudati who also close with ten men due to the expulsion of Ortisi who, already booked, gets the second yellow for a foul on Agazzi.