Minister Elihau: “Atomic bomb on Gaza? It’s possible”. Netanyahu suspends him and the PNA reacts: “Racist and barbaric phrases”


By John

An Israeli minister has been suspended by Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the minister for Jewish tradition Amichai Elihau who hThe possibility of dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza was raised today. But he then retracted his words after a harsh reaction from Benjamin Netanyahu with the latter still making the decision to suspend him.

In an interview Eliahu said that a nuclear bomb on Gaza “would be one of the possibilities”, even if the lives of the 240 Israeli hostages were at stake because “wars have their price”. “Eliahu’s words are outrageous and out of reality,” Netanyahu replied. “Our forces operate on the basis of international law, so as not to harm innocents.” Eliahu then observed: “It was just a metaphor.”

Barbaric and racist statements

“Barbaric and racist statements coming from a fascist minister.” This was underlined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Palestinian National Authority – according to the Wafa news agency – commenting on the interview with the Minister for Jewish Tradition Amichay Elyahu in which he evoked a possible use of an atomic weapon in Gaza. These words, according to the ministry, were expressed by “a partner in Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition”, and confirm that for 30 days Israel has been waging “a war of genocide” in Gaza.