Messina, house purchased but never delivered: family saves over 130 thousand euros on a mortgage to pay


By John

A saving of over 130 thousand euros for a Messina family forced to pay the mortgage installments of a house that was never delivered: this is the outcome of a legal action sponsored by the Leone – Fell &C law firm. and by the lawyer Giulia Giuffrida, the family’s trusted lawyer. «We managed to obtain from the bank a contractual revision and the proposal for a balance and write-off – explains Francesco Leone, founding partner of the Leone – Fell & C. studio – which reduced the original debt from 165,000 euros to 30,000 euros. It is an extraordinary result that will allow the family not only to save a lot of money and also to be able to start looking to the future with confidence again. Our job is also this: to protect the rights, finding concrete solutions to the real problems of our clients.” The story is that of one of the 100 families of the Residence, the Torrente Trapani complex which was never completed and for which the mortgage is still active for the many owners who had signed a building savings contract and a land loan guaranteed by a property. Shortly afterwards, however, the property was seized due to an alleged illegal development. And since then nothing. Between hypotheses and redevelopment projects, the structure is still dilapidated. «There are still many families harassed by mortgage installments for houses that were never delivered – explains Giuffrida – and for all of them it is still possible to obtain a debt write-off. Cases of injustice like this are commonplace, and it is our duty to protect these families.”