Mesoraca, horse ends up in a cliff of about 30 meters: saved by firefighters


By John

This morning, at approximately 08:30, a fire brigade team from the Petilia Policastro detachment intervened in the Cudicini area in the municipality of Mesoraca for animal rescue.
Upon arrival on site there was a horse fell down a cliff of about thirty meters in an inaccessible area. An initial check was carried out together with a local veterinarian and it was found that the animal was in good health but a few meters from a further precipice. The horse was therefore sedated and a request was made for an aircraft, Drago VF114 helicopter, taken off from the Lamezia Terme fire brigade flight department.
On board the aircraft, in addition to the crew, there were three helicopter rescuers who were proceeding to a delicate and not easy recovery maneuver given the impervious and tree-lined area. The horse was entrusted to its visibly emotional legitimate owner.