Messina is not afraid… of the wolf


By John

There is a clear recovery in Avellino between Messina and the goal of collecting the first success of the season. Biancoscudati proactive and protagonists of good performances in the first three outings of the year, but so far they have collected less than they deserved, between bad luck, inexperience and refereeing errors: «I am happy with the empathy that has been created with the people – says the technician Giacomo Modica – it means that they appreciate the commitment and what we manage to do through the unity of the game. I’m happy, the boys gave everything and honestly we collected little compared to what we put in on the pitch. We hope to bring home some more important results which would be the icing on the cake of what they do during the week. Arbitration issue? I don’t want to talk about it, I’d hate to think about things that don’t exist, but it’s a fact that we’re missing points due to injuries to those who directed the match. Virtus Francavilla’s first goal was offside, there was a penalty for us and I’m still looking for why Cavallo’s goal was disallowed. They are human like us, they have made mistakes and, just as I can make mistakes in training, it can happen to them too. But it’s clear that right now we’re 5 points short and that’s a lot.”

Messina will face a healthy Avellino, fresh from two consecutive successes and refreshed by the “Pazienza cure” after the hesitant start with Rastelli on the bench. An opponent that Modica respects a lot, but his Messina must not lose their character: «The value of Avellino is coming out – says the biancoscudato coach –, they are strong and the staff has been set up to do something important. We must understand that we cannot play at the same pace as them, because qualitatively they are a few hands better than us. We have to do something different, if we understand this we will play an important match and make it beautiful, otherwise it will be painful.”

It is a Giacomo Modica who, beyond the absolute value of the Irpinia team, expects positive responses above all from his group, eager to face openly and using their best weapons a stronger opponent on paper: «I expect intensity from my team, leg, running and tactical intelligence – he continues – because when you face a team that is stronger on individuality, you have to propose something different. We cannot think of playing like them, with the awareness of putting the game to sleep and waking up whenever we want, we are not able to do it: we have to play as we know how and woe betide us if we thought we were on par with Avellino technically, perhaps going under the pace. If we do so we will demonstrate that we are not intelligent.”

Messina who also received compliments from the Avellino coach Michele Pazienza, aware of how the “Franco Scoglio” commitment will not be the easiest: «I’m flattered when they speak well of my team – concludes Modica – it means that they respect our work. Only the pitch will ultimately tell who was better: I respect them, they will come here to play their game, but we must continue on our own path, aware that we can annoy many teams thanks also to the enthusiasm of the fans and always respecting the shirt, property and ourselves.”