Messina, salvation crossroads with Monterosi. Midfield emergency and formation to be decided for Modica


By John

Play-off match for Messina, who this afternoon will be on stage in Teramo against Monterosi in a duel that can say a lot in terms of salvation. In fact, the Lazio team at the bottom of the table will face each other, as well as the third-to-last team, namely Acr, fresh from five consecutive defeats but with Giacomo Modica confirmed by the club’s top management on the bench.
Emergency in midfield for the Giallorossi, with Franco suspended, while Buffa and Giunta are unavailable. Possible transition to 4-4-2 with the two midfielders who would be Frisenna and Firenze, the only ones practically left in the squad. In the case of a three-man midfield, the other midfielder could be Scafetta (but Ortisi’s advancement with a more armored defense cannot be ruled out either).
The second goalkeeper De Matteis was not called up due to flu. Recovered and regularly between the Fumagalli posts. A presence that is too important, not only for what the Peloritan goalkeeper represents on a technical level but also for the personality that can be useful in matches like this.
Overall, there are six players missing (19 players who will be present on the list) for today’s trip. In addition to the aforementioned midfielders and the second goalkeeper, the starting right winger Lia and the sub Darini are also out of action. In short, the ACR does not arrive at this very delicate challenge in the best possible conditions, but there are few calculations to do because the ranking is crying and in fact today’s, even if there is still more than half the championship left until the end of the games, it is almost an early playout. And it will also be able to say a lot in terms of the market, on who will stay or leave, so the players also know that they are playing for a good chunk of time on the shores of the Strait, considering that both the managers of the technical area and the ownership have announced massive interventions on the market to strengthen a workforce that has proven lacking.
Returning to the aspects strictly linked to the match, first of all it will be necessary to evaluate the tactical guise with which Messina will line up, considering that in the last few games Modica has changed its approach by trying to speculate on the characteristics of the opponent, but not with positive results. Will it then be a standard 4-3-3 with adjustments in the boxes, considering the missing elements? Or an orderly and square 4-4-2 which would seem to be the most balanced solution among those tried, to cover the field, suffer less but also seek offensive impact without leaving Plescia too alone and isolated (perhaps with an Emmausso free to wander behind him )? Watch out for surprises, try this during the week.
As for Monterosi, Taurino’s arrival on the bench in place of Romondini did not bring the desired results. On the pitch a 3-5-2 that changes skin, having an offensive side and the other more covering. Altobelli is out, Tolomello is ready in his place alongside Parlati and Fantacci ready to throw himself into the spaces between the lines. Vano and Silipo are the favorites in front, but Ekuban is hot.